What RP, EP, SP, PLUS, PLUS+, EXTRA & EXTRA+ stand for?

RP - Rack plating color protection level: medium )

EP - Electrophoresis color protection level: high )

SP - Spray painting color protection level: high )

PLUS - High-temperature acid-resistance coating added ( color protection level: low or medium depending on different plating colors / coating thickness: thin )

 - Best-quality High-temperature acid-resistance coating added ( color protection level: medium / coating thickness: medium )

EXTRA - Extra high-temperature acid-resistance coating added ( color protection level: high / coating thickness: thick )

EXTRA+ - Extra high-temperature acid-resistance coating added, both front and back color protection level / high; coating thickness: thick )

*Colors marked with EP / SP / PLUS+ / EXTRA / EXTRA+ are more suitable for genuine leather products, technical outdoor wear, swimwear, and beachwear.