Universal designer flat-top rivets

I felt so lucky that I met a very talented Indian fashion designer, Asa Kazingmei, who has unlimited creative thoughts about using our buttons, rivets, eyelets, snap fasteners, and other types of garment hardware for his design projects. He constantly comes up with the idea of using the little hardware in many different ways, which gives me a lot of inspiration. I am more than grateful that he enjoys using the rivets we make, and in the meantime, it encourages me to look for room to improve our products in order to exceed his expectations as well as other talented designers in the world.

I am always asking myself what else I can do to truly support the designers, what they really need from me, and what things or services they cannot get from other suppliers or factories. The first thing that comes to my mind is MOQ—Minimum Order Quantity.

As a designer, I know it is not easy for designers to get their work done ideally with all those high-quality rivets when they are not needing a lot for a small project or a limited product. The major problem they always face is that most manufacturers dislike doing small orders very much, and sometimes there is even no room to negotiate. The same goes for small businesses, start-up companies, or whoever makes limited products or has a limited budget. The fewer order quantities they do, the fewer options they get regarding styles, sizes, and colors.

I also noticed that designers require one particular thing: quality. They care about quality and are willing to pay more or even extra to get the hardware accessories done because these ‘details’ can be the highlight of their designs or even the major part of the designs, presenting the soul of the designs. And surely what matters the most is eventually, in the long term, the ‘details’ can tell the customers how great the products are as well as the brands. And all this added up… makes it more and more difficult for designers to source the ‘details’ they really want.

We are now the solution and will never stop growing by providing more style, size, and color options with no MOQ required.

The designer rivets are one of our best-sellers for some reasons as listed below:

  • Its function is to secure parts of a garment where several layers of denim or other fabric make sewing impractical or insufficiently strong and add a decorative element to your products. The flat rivets give you a feeling of elegance and neatness.
  • While the nipple rivet is the most common rivet on jeans, the flat-capped rivet is a utility rivet. You can apply it to casual wear, e.g., jeans, denim jackets, leather clothes, and any fashion accessories such as bags, belts, blankets, and so on. This is good for some DIYers to make the products ‘wow’ and special.
  • We have 5 size options in stock, from 6mm to 9.5mm, and many color/finish options. Hence, you can easily choose the most ideal rivets for your products, whether Male or Female, or even Kids' products. Moreover, with our full-range tack options, you can use our rivets to hold the fabrics or materials in thickness up to 10mm.
  • The most popular color options available – Antique Black, Antique Brass, Nickel, Antique Silver, Light Pewter, Dark Pewter, Matte Black, and so on. If you choose these stocked colors, we could deliver quickly once the order is placed. If you’re still unsatisfied with these color options, we also provide you with up to 40 different color options or any spray printing colors you want.
  • OEM is accepted. With no nipple visible, the flat-capped rivet provides an ideal surface for your logo, letters, or graphics.