Refitted KAM DK-98 - The Universal Hand Press for installing rivets & more

Do you still use a hammer or setter with an anvil for manual fastener application? Isn't it very inefficient and too unprofessional? You must know that having the imperfection of the details on your products do ruin your designs, even your brand.

To have a hand press is considered a must-have for anyone who applies fasteners such as tack buttons, jeans rivets, snaps, eyelets(/grommets), even pants hooks. Having a genuinely universal one is even more necessary. The KAM hand press redesigned by us will be the most significant investment to any serious fastener users. The manual hand press machine we redesigned is the model DK-98, the heavy-duty model. With installing the 2 Adapters and 3 Adjustment Pieces we designed, the KAM hand press turns into universal and even much more professional. The refitment we did bases on standard kick press machines that most garment factories use worldwide. The maximized compatibility is considered the core value of the redesign. But what exactly is that? 

You might not know that the dies we made are for most factories all around the world, not for small groups of people or some of the specific branded hand presses. To get some tiny rivets applied to your designs. You probably won't spend hundreds of dollars to get an industrial motor kick press machine, because you are not running a factory. You're also not manufacturing the products by yourself. You know you don't need a big tool like that laying in your workshop or studio occupying an ample space. And you use it just for a piece of salesman sample or a minimal production. The refitted DK-98 hand press we supply is the solution and will be the best investment to DIYers, sample makers, tailors, fashion designers, professionals, workshops, or even small factories in the world. And what makes this refitment unique is you can directly use the dies we made for factories, achieving the same application, getting the details done professionally. Meaning you can also share the dies with your factories in the future when your business is booming or having a big run on your products. Then what's more? Time saved, money saved. This investment will surely make you kill more than two birds with one stone!

You may come up with a question of what makes the refitment a great investment. And here are the reasons:







REASON#1 There are two adapters from our toolset, which can fit lower dies with the most common diameters either 12.5mm or 9.4mm(3/8”). As you can picture, buying two different presses is far more expensive than a refitment to the existing one you have.

REASON#2 With the arrangement of the pieces, the die space can be enlarged up to 8.8cm (the original is 6.2cm). The bigger space, the more flexibility in the placement of your products.

And not just that, like above, you can also slightly adjust the die space to different cases. Imagine attaching rivets or eyelets to a shoe or even bigger items, e.g. handbags or backpacks, and you still can manage to have the fasteners attached to them more easily.

REASON#3 All the pieces, including the screws in our toolset, are entirely made from high-quality stainless steel #304, which is quite unlike the original adapter. The toolset is anti-corrosion and rustless. No maintenance needed at all, they are durable, unbreakable, and probably can last forever.


  • setting dies for rivets
  • setting dies for jeans buttons
  • setting dies for snap fasteners
  • setting dies for eyelets/grommets (self-piercing also included)
  • setting dies for pants hooks
  • setting dies for cord ends
  • hole punch dies
  • fabric cutter dies
  • assembly dies


  • Affordable machine.
  • Simple to use. Even amateur users can operate this machine easily with little training.
  • User-friendly design. Small, practical and easy to handle. It can also be set up firmly on your working table.
  • It can be universal with the adjustment pieces we supply.
  • Durable machine. It could last for years.
  • No special maintenance is needed.
  • Robust construction and high strength.
  • Corrosion resistance.


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