Pre-cut, pre-tied waxed cotton strings for hang tags

Waxed Cotton String is one of the popular types of hang tag strings that is mainly used in clothing, especially casual wear and jeanswear. 

The waxed cotton strings we supply are high quality, made of full cotton with eco-friendly dyeing, coated with the optimal amount of wax. They are not too hard, not too soft, decent, and a little glossy.

Different thicknesses can be applied to many different kinds of apparel, bags, accessories, or even home fashion items. 0.8mm is the best option for semi-formal clothes and delicate accessories, especially women wear, scarfs, or kidswear; 1.0mm is considered the most popular choice for unisex wear, no matter casual wear or denim wear, tops or bottoms; 1.3mm and 1.6mm is ideal for menswear, jackets and outerwear; 1.8mm and 2.4mm are wonderful for jeans, casual pants and leather jackets.

Additionally, the pre-cutting and pre-knotting service we offer can help our customers to steam up efficiency and productivity.

And don’t forget their partners, too! The safety pins, we also have them all prepared for you, with up to 9 color options!