Classic Jeans Buttons

To take a comprehensive approach to the development of Jeans, there are not many constantly prevalent styles. How can your jeans stand in the spotlight among thousands of brands in today’s markets, besides the good quality of denim and wash-out jeans, the details decide the merits and demerits of jeans. It includes tack buttons, rivets, fly buttons, leather patches, care labels…etc. Nowadays, the metal buttons on jeans are functional and a decoration and design to your jeans. Take “Tough”- a famous brand from H.K. as an example; they are very good at using hardware on jeans to feature their concept of a unique military style. However, the usage and requirements of jeans buttons are a trauma for most jeans companies. The material of the jeans buttons, the properties of different materials, the oxidizing degree of the jeans buttons, the feeling of the appearance of the jeans buttons after application, and so on are the profound knowledge for each. In other words, the easiest way to identify a jeans' quality and attitude is by checking the jeans' buttons.

The hollow-type jeans buttons, also called donut jeans buttons, that we manufacture are one of the classic styles and are the most popular in denimwear. Many world-famous brands such as Levi’s, Wrangler, Lee, Diesel, Gap, and Evisu … are involved. The design of the donut button was a way of saving materials at the beginning, and later became the popular style for its particular patterns or brand names on the cap. The donut jeans buttons we make are well-designed and of high quality. They are best for jeans, denim jackets, or other casualwear. All common sizes are available with us. Our unique finishes can go beautifully with any kind of denim or casual wear, and you could even try mixing different colors to give a very different impression to the users and the customers.

Our jeans button collection is designed with the idea of 'Simplicity'. Leonardo Da Vinci pointed out the perspective that simplicity is good about 500 years ago and said that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. And this isn’t just a quote, it has been affirmed for the past many years. Simple and classic designs never go out of date. With the full range of sizes and the unique color options we supply, especially the antique finishes, give not only the best combination to your products but also fantastic details.