Hollow brass tacks for rivets

A jeans rivet consists of two components: the male and female. The male part, which we simply call tack, attaches through the fabric and secures into the base of the female part of the rivet. When you look at the back of the rivets on your jeans, you see the flat metal piece on the inside of the jeans, which is the back of the tack.

When you apply rivets to jeans, garments, bags, or accessories, choosing compatible and suitable tacks is very important. A wrong choice of tacks may cause problems such as deformation of the rivets and unsecured functionality. Choosing the right tacks always depends on what type of rivets you select, what kind of fabrics or materials you use, and how many layers of these fabrics or materials you want the rivets to hold. 

The hollow brass tacks we supply are the most flexible tacks for rivets. They're made from high-quality H65 brass material. When installing the rivets with our hollow brass tacks, not only the rivets are installed firm and sturdy, but also more adaptable to different cases unlike using aluminum tacks or solid copper tacks. Serious testing with our tacks before mass production is still highly recommended especially for the users who don't have rich experience.