Pre-cut, pre-tied waxed hemp cotton strings

The waxed hemp cotton string we supply is 100% from nature. Cotton and jute are respectively picked from temperate plants that grow out of cotton and pyrene hemp seed. After dried and threshed, the separating seeds and cotton fiber, through the process from the machine pressing, spinning, weaving into threads, and then waxing.

Mixing natural hemp cotton strings with hangtags is popularly used for a variety of articles, and they go well with different colors and materials. You can easily find many cases in various industries, such as clothing, fashion items, gifts, handicrafts, jewelry, furniture, home accessories, etc. It also takes the role of nature to make a statement to your products.

We offer different thickness options, from 1.0mm up to 2.5mm. Pre-cutting service is included as well as pre-tying service as an optional choice. Length can be customized by customers. Knots are done professionally by our well-trained workers. Moreover, the safety pins can be also assembled to the strings for saving our customers more time, more labor cost on their ends.